Aircell 5 - antenna cable

Aircell 5

The Aircell 5 antenna cables differ from other standard antenna cables such as the RG58 by a thicker inner conductor and a double shielding. This makes the cable less lossy and resistant to interference.


Technical Data

Material of the sheath Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Sheath diameter [mm] 5
Material of the inner conductor Copper
Inner conductor diameter [mm] 1.08
Material of the dielectric Polyethylen (PE)
Dielectric diameter [mm] 2.95
Material of the outer conductor Copper foil PE coated + copper braiding
Signal attenuation [dB/100m] @ 50 MHz 6.61
Signal attenuation [dB/100m] @ 1,000 MHz 31.09
Signal attenuation [dB/100m] @ 2,500 MHz 50.24
Shortening factor 0.82
Impedance [Ohm] 50
Capacity [pF/m] 82
Maximum operating voltage [V DC] 400
Weight [g/m] 36
Bending radius [mm] Permanently installed 25
Bending radius [mm] Flexibly installed 50
Temperature range -55°C - +85°C
Flammability IEC 60332-1-2



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